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Camino, a little bit of a Zomato treat.  The full staff of quiet eating were invited along with a small select group of food bloggers to a ham carving event.

We were here to learn how to butcher a piece of meat.  Even though one of us deals with the meat trade (he charges an arm and a leg for his services), one of us is innocent and free of any experience.  Engineer that she is, machines tend not to be too fleshy.


The big happy dismembered leg.


We were shown expertly how to carve off the fat from the meat underneath by the expert.  Eating the fat is a no no.  Doesn’t taste good here and if the leg is cured correctly the fat will actually liquidate.  Kind of how like I wish some people would too.

camino 1

The evil lawyer here looking at ease carving a delicately aged leg of ham.

camino 2

Which was in great contrast to the steady concentration displayed by the engineer.  No squishy organic matter in her job usually.  Unless you count the traces of doughnuts on her keyboard.


Along with the lovely ham, we had some small nibbles.  Bread with crispy garlic and tomato.  I really enjoyed this dish as it was crispy and charred just slightly.  Just the way I like it.


Ewe cheese and quince jelly.  The cheese was lovely with just a slight bite which went well with the jelly.  The cheese was lighter than I was expecting and avoided any lingering aftertaste which in my cheese inexperience, tends to follow.


Meanwhile our engineer became a little too excited and the expert looked on in amusement.


The jamon.  Sadly depleted after our work stuffing our faces.  It’s true that stuff you have to work for always tastes better. Well, at least for ham.

The night was a very enjoyable experience.  Meeting friends old and new over a haunch of pig.  Perhaps galvanized by a collegiate atmosphere through communal carving of the porcine kind, many interesting conversations were had over plates of ham.  Definitely something to recommend for bonding with new faces.


A quiet eating 7/10.

We were invited to review.  Price unknown.


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